The Real Meal Revolution

Professor Tim Noakes, has long been a leading light in science based nutrition and author of the acclaimed book The Lore of Running, has for many years been an advocate of the low fat, high carb diet, but in 2010 he came across a then recently published book called The New Atkins for a New You. Within two hours of reading, Prof. Noakes was converted, all of the science contained within those pages made perfect sense. As his weight control and running performance over the years had begun to decline he decided to take up the diet and hasn’t looked back since.

The book had explained that there had been approximately 150 studies showing the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet that he had never seen before (and he was a nutrition researcher!) and realised that all of that information had been suppressed. Professor Noakes also had another drive to follow this further,  his father had died from the complications of diabetes and the professor himself discovered he also had diabetes despite being super fit his entire life and running many marathons, which he now attributes to the high carb low fat diet that he and most of us had been following since the 1980’s.

His book The Real Meal Revolution sold 250,000 copies in South Africa, 30,000 in the UK and has made him a household name in the Low Carb (Banting) community.

In the interview below he discusses with Ivor Cummins his six year (and counting) experience of the low carb diet, his reversal of diabetes, how he was hounded by mainstream medicine who attempted to publicly humiliate him and how they failed dismally when presented with the irrefutable evidence.

The Real Meal Revolution was the first book I bought on the subject and it has been my guide ever since. Beautifully designed and with all the relevant data and evidence presented, it also has many delicious recipes that even after two years of this lifestyle I haven’t tried them all.

The Real Meal Revolution: The Radical, Sustainable Approach to Healthy Eating

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