Breakfast Scones

I found a recipe a while back on YouTube that looked so delicious I had to try it. They were called Buttery Biscuits and the recipe was a variation on an original Pinterest item. I have since adapted it slightly for my own taste and bake a batch every 12 days (the recipe makes 12 scones). One of these buttery, cheesy scones is all I need for this daily breakfast recipe which I still haven’t tired of having every morning with my green smoothie.

For the Breakfast Scones, just combine the ingredients (the butter needs to be melted and the cheese grated) from the shopping list in a large bowl with a whisk or blender and separate into a muffin tin and bake at 190 °C for 10 to 12 minutes.

For the eggy topping I cut a scone in half and lightly toast the cut sides in a pan while separating two egg yolks from the whites (I only use the yolks for this, I think it tastes much better). Add some grated cheddar to the egg yolks and gently warm them through in a pan with a knob of butter stirring and folding, low and slow until the topping thickens. Add a teaspoon of Garlic & Herb cream cheese (Boursin beats the others hands down) to each cut side of the toasted scones and top each with the eggy, cheesy topping. Freshly ground black pepper really adds to the finsished scone.

If you don’t become addicted to these, let me know, it may be just me.

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