Snack Attack – Are We Losing Our Way?

A brief search of the headlines relating to Low Carb/Keto/Paleo tends to point towards online versions of tabloid and broadsheet articles by freelance and often myopic ‘journo-nutritionists’ scaremongering about how Keto will kill, how Low Carb is unsustainable, where are the ‘healthy whole grains?’ and they are an untested fad (but wasn’t the Diet Heart Hypothesis an untested fad?).

With the exponential rise of the Keto snack market, some even making it onto the precious mainstream supermarket shelf spaces, aren’t we in danger of corrupting the message of these life saving diets and going down the same path of processing natural ingredients to the point of ‘frankenfood’.

It is snacking that has contributed to the obesity and diabetes problems we face today, an urge fuelled by the cravings of carb heavy metabolic mayhem. The effect of a well formulated Low Carb diet is to negate the desire to snack. Admittedly, I have found it frustrating sometimes while on a train journey to be forced to pick out the bacon and egg from its surrounding, nutritionally pointless and flabby white bread roll and imagine a future where there would be a Low Carb option available. I have even created a few transitional ‘treats’ in my own kitchen but when I see snacks being touted like popcorn made with grass-fed ghee, coconut butter–filled chocolates or ready-to-drink Vegan coffee beverages inspired by butter coffees, I am left wondering if we are heading down a dangerous path that could ultimately harm the message ‘JUST EAT REAL FOOD’

Further reading on this subject

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