Beans Means Food For Thought

I came across a fascinating podcast on Bio Hackers Lab with Dr Paul Mason recently, discussing how the role of lectins, a food group which is virtually eliminated from a low carb diet, can affect our bodies and contribute to weight gain. During the discussion he explains that lectins are carbohydrate binding proteins mainly found in plants and if a lectin is absorbed across the intestinal wall it can be absorbed through the vagus nerve and travel to the brain where it has been linked to Parkinson’s Disease

Legumes such as peas and peanuts as well as nightshade vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines (eggplants) and chillies seem to be high in lectins, particularly in the skin and seeds of these plants. There are also different types of lectins that bind to different cell types.



There are two different conditions that can be affected, metabolism and autoimmune. The discussion goes on to explain how the effect of lectins causes weight gain in some people and why they may stall or struggle to lose the extra weight…Now that’s food for thought

There is also a full video presentation below


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