Are Vegetarians Healthier than Omnivores? A Soho Forum Debate

Since adopting the low carb way of eating I have strived to remain unbiased when approaching what is the best diet for me, and I stress me because everyone is different and can tolerate better, or need, certain foods, but this debate really rattled my cage and when it was over, I found myself muttering rebuttals out loud all day to myself and pondering the implications of what I had just witnessed.

Published on 29 May 2019 – Reason TV

It appeared during the debate that both participants were backed into a corner by the question ’are vegetarians/vegans healthier than omnivores?’ limiting their approach to a response from the start. I have been an admirer of Nina Teichholz work since reading The Big Fat Surprise and if it wasn’t for her unwavering commitment to unearthing the truth about the modern western diet then, I think televised debates and the multitude of new studies would not even exist today and we would be continuing on the same self destructive path. Gary Taubes is another equally groundbreaking investigative journalist that should also be mentioned here.

If veganism/vegetarianism was safe and beneficial for me then I would happily adopt it wholeheartedly, but it isn’t, and to make me and others in a similar position with our health feel guilty for this by the likes of David Katz, who clearly has an ethical and financial agenda is positively wrong. During the debate Tina Teicholtz reveals David Katz conflicts of interest such as being Senior Medical Advisor and Board Member of Smarty Pants Inc, a vitamin and supplement company, Chief Science Officer of Better TheraputicsCEO and Founder of Diet ID,massive financial rewards from the likes of Chobani Yoghurt as an expert witness to defend the high sugar-content of their product for which he received $3,500 per hour and KIND Bars who paid him $154,000 as a Scientific Advisor. All of these are, according to Nina Teicholtz, confidently flaunted on his CV at

Nina Teicholtz on the other hand has, since the success of her book, been offered numerous scientific advisor jobs and shares in companies that she would clearly benefit from financially but she has rejected them all.

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Ultimately, what we are eating now, we didn’t eat 100 years ago, foods containing chemicals, additives and preservatives, plastics, pesticides, hybridised crops and GMO’s and it isn’t a vegan vs omnivore issue, it is real whole food versus, and I quote Michael Pollan, Food-Like Substances.

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