A Personal Side Effect of Eating Low Carb

Adopting a low carb lifestyle, for me, has had an interesting and enlightening side-effect. Not only eating with health in mind, but also eating with the planet in mind. A third of the world’s food is lost during production or just thrown away, 10% during cultivation, 7% after the harvest, 12% lost during processing and another 11% after it has been purchased.

A growing movement is taking steps to try and tackle this problem and one of these pioneers is Ultima, a five star restaurant in Helsinki, aiming to be a model of sustainability by going zero waste and hyper local, by growing all of their ingredients right on the premises. Crickets grown in light bulbs and herbs & vegetables grown using airponics, an approach based on circular economics where waste is seen as a resource and reducing the need for water, transport and energy.

Deforesting the land to grow more food, ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables ending up in supermarket bins and the population wasting around 20% of household food. With global demand for food set to increase by nearly 70% by 2050, sustainable food production is one of the biggest challenges for the future.

The food industry is one of the most ecologically damaging industries and a complete rethink of its approach is needed if we are to keep healthy meals on the table for generations to come.

In this documentary, earthrise went to Finland and Italy to explore two alternative projects that are paving the way for the food of the future.

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