The Low Carb Diet Is Over 100 Years Old!

In 1917, four years before Insulin was discovered by Sir Frederick G Banting for the treatment of type I diabetes and type II diabetes was a rare condition, Diabetic Cookery by Rebecca Oppenheimer was released. What is so revealing about this book is that a low carb, high fat approach was its ultimate message. On pages 12 & 13, a list of forbidden foods and foods that are beneficial are supplied (below).


Comparing this to the NHS Eat Well Guide, published nearly 100 years later, in which nearly a third of the recommended foods are processed and starchy carbohydrates, it is not surprising that diabetes and obesity are rampant and shouldn’t we question that a low carb approach offered in 1917 and proven today as a safe and effective treatment for obesity and diabetes was ignored for so long and a low fat, high carb diet is promoted.

The 172 page PDF book can be downloaded here free of charge.


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