ITV’s This Morning Talks About Reversing Diabetes

Finally mainstream media is discussing the low carb diet in a positive way. TV’s Dr Zoe Williams from BBC’s Trust Me I’m A Doctor describes this ‘recent revelation’ as “brilliant news” in today’s (4th September 2019) This Morning. Phillip Schofield asks some pertinent questions of the doc who explains that diabetes is linked to lifestyle but tends to skirt around the mechanisms of the diet. The second guest is Deborah Scott who, in 2017 went to her GP suffering from heartburn, a random blood test revealed that she had type 2 diabetes with an HBA1c of 62. She delayed starting medication and, like many of us, began researching for herself. She goes on to explain that despite her apprehension, she began an LCHF diet and lost 4 stone and reversed the condition.

Dr Zoe cites the results of the 2 year Direct Study  and encourages viewers to talk to their GP about embarking on a low carb diet. Good luck with that but it seems that at least one British TV show is brave enough to highlight low carb in a sensible manner.


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