Artificial Sweeteners – Are They Really Safe?

With low carb recipes appearing almost daily online it seems that the majority are focused on desserts and treats. Many of these call for the use of sugar replacements such as Stevia, Monk Fruit, Erythritol or Xylitol, sometimes in huge amounts.

After retraining our bodies to burn fat instead of glucose, is it wise, or indeed safe, to tease our taste buds and is the artificial sweetener a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The following presentations shed light on a confusing and controversial subject.

Published on 9 Aug 2016
Proponents say they are safe and prevent diseases like diabetes, while critics say they may cause a variety of health problems. With so much conflicting information online, GP and guest reporter, Dr Zeeshan Arain unpacks the science on artificial sweeteners and how they impact or benefit our health.
ABC Science – Artificial Sweeteners

Published on 3 Feb 2019
Dr. Doron Sher at Low Carb Down Under gives a more in depth lecture on the effects of artificial sweeteners, their effect on the health of those already metabolically compromised and how some of these sweeteners were discovered (on more than one occasion) from the result of lab accidents.
Also covered in this lecture is the effect of sweeteners on the microbiome and a caution for those with a sweet tooth taking SGLT2 inhibitors.
Low Carb Down Under

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