The Real Skinny On Fat

Drawing on the knowledge of experts such as Nina Teichotz, this interview based, four part series rolled into one which, for its considerable coverage of the low carb phenomenon has, since its publication in May of this year, had surprisingly few views on YouTube.

The history of the low fat diet is covered, beginning with the death of American President Eisenhower and the creation of the Diet Heart Hypothesis by Ancel Keys, who was ironically the person who also brought us processed food with his wartime K Rations, the involvement of Big Food politics and the silencing of scientists such as George Mann who dared to speak out against Keys. A vigorous debate against this hypothesis continued up to the mid 1980’s when governments adopted it and opposition ceased. In the early 2000’s an article in New York Times magazine by Gary Taubes titled What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie? was published, questions began to be asked and proper randomised controlled trials began in an effort to prove his hypothesis but failing miserably.

Despite this, along comes the Statin era, low fat processed foods and industrial oils and the rise of obesity and diabetes .

A riveting account of the worst mistake in health and nutrition is played out in an almost two hour collection of interviews that everyone should watch.

Part two covers the ketogenic diet and cancer, part three looks at neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia and part four explains epigenetics and metabolism.

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