Farmed Norwegian Salmon – World’s Most Toxic Food

This documentary looking into farmed Salmon and Panga uncovers a murky world of disease, antibiotics and toxins lying beneath these overcrowded and unnatural waters. What was once considered a healthy part of our diet, is rapidly becoming as problematic as GMO’s, antibiotic filled livestock and Glyphosate sprayed crops.

Five times more toxic than other products in our supermarkets, farmed salmon is still a popular choice among consumers who are probably unaware of the situation. Toxicology researcher Jérôme Ruzzin from the University of Bergen is asked in the documentary if, after his findings, would he eat farmed fish, he replies “No I don’t, you simply must avoid exposure to these pollutants” Results of his research concluded that rats fed a standard western diet with the inclusion of farmed salmon became obese and diabetic from a massive increase in adipose tissue…sound familiar?

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