A Bitter Sweet Visit With My Doctor

Following a routine HBA1c and cholesterol test recently, I was called back to my doctor to discuss a rise in my cholesterol. My HDL had increased from 0.9 to 1.4 and my LDL had also risen. My doctor, who two years ago said that my decision to start a low carb diet was stupid and unsustainable, explained to me that I was no longer considered diabetic but I now need to take a statin. No acknowledgement of my success at reversing diabetes, now his focus was cholesterol. I responded to his ‘concern’ by pointing out that my total cholesterol of 6.0 would have been considered as normal before the guidelines were lowered to a threshold of 5.0 by a panel of ‘experts’ with links and interests to the statin industry (Statin Wars) and thus making millions more people eligible to be put on statins. I also pointed out that my LDL reading was pointless unless I had been tested to find out whether the LDL was oxidised or healthy.

Considering my HBA1c was now normal, I would have to assume without testing that my LDL was also now healthy and politly refused his suggestion of beginning another course of statins…yes another course, I had been prescribed statins for 5 years before and had discovered they were destroying my liver with an ALT of 88 and possibly contributing to the progression of the diabetes.

Finally, despite the fact that I may have potentially saved the NHS a shed load of money by avoiding future complications from diabetes, my doctor rewarded me with the bitter sweet news that, as I was no longer diabetic, I would not be eligible for free prescriptions. Maybe I should cram down a loaf of bread, a box of cereal and a litre of fruit juice and get another blood test.


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