What I’ve Learned

I have been meaning to write a post about the great work from What I’ve Learned for a long time now as the content he provides on the subject of nutrition is extremely valuable and presented with incredible visual references and arduous research that helps to demystify a subject that has been confused for so long by those institutions and industries with little evidence or massive financial incentive.

Below is a collection of just some of the fantastic videos he has produced but there are many more on his YouTube channel here.

Link – https://youtu.be/5S6-v37nOtY

Link – https://youtu.be/b7zWNabebxs

Link – https://youtu.be/hpOP_HKeazU

Link – https://youtu.be/xlfZvnV4v50

Link – https://youtu.be/0bNdhM4vt4I

Link – https://youtu.be/xRAw7yeDO-c


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