What’s With Wheat? – A Documentary

This disturbing documentary has gathered together some of the worlds top auhors on the subject and well-respected researchers to discuss how wheat has become one of the most pervasive crops on the planet. Dr David Perlmutter, researcher Dr. Terry Wahls, and many other experts look at how Coeliac’s Disease and Non-Coeliac wheat intolerance as well as obesity and diabetes has grown to be a huge problem for the planet and its occupants.

What’s With Wheat? examines the role of wheat throughout history, from its nutritional ‘value’ to its biochemistry, and its effect on the human body and a series of events that took bacon and eggs off the breakfast table and replaced them with cereals made from a hybridized wheat variety we now see in virtually everything we consume.

Link – https://youtu.be/4zDRzBZJMU8

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