Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Cognitive Decline

Results of a study show that the use of extra virgin olive oil in the diet has a positive impact on the delay of cognitive decline among the elderly.

Evidence shows the beneficial effects of a Mediterranean diet, characterised by the high consumption of extra virgin olive oil, as an effective prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. It is believed that the biomolecules, oleuropein-aglycon, contained in extra-virgin olive oil, may be responsible for the beneficial effect of the Mediterranean diet.

The one year study revealed that the higher short-term improvement of cognitive function was in subjects on a Mediterranean diet plus low doses of extra-virgin olive oil rather than MedDiet alone, concluding that extra virgin olive oil may have a neuroprotective effect.

The Art Of Making Cretan Olive Oil – https://youtu.be/FZDr9WKIBOo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Other Oils – https://youtu.be/nsAZHcULvM0

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