Let Them Eat Dirt – Why Dirt & Microbes Could Be Good for Us

Have we become too clean? Brett Finlay discusses whether we have taken our war on germs a step too far, the research on tailored diets to address diabetes and obesity, fecal transplants for IBS, how microbes play a part in atherosclerosis, heart disease, strokes, depression, body odour, even jet lag.

The gut-brain axis, autism, ADHD, how the brain and behaviour can be controlled by microbes and why the developed world is far more susceptible to these problems and much more are covered in this fascinating hour long lecture that takes us (and our microbes) from birth to old age, delivered in a manner akin to a soothing bedtime story.

Alzheimer’s and dementia and how adhering to a Mediterranean-style diet and good oral hygiene can reduce the risk of developing these diseases by up to 50%

Finally he discusses the latest findings on Parkinson’s disease and the vagus nerve which links the gut to the brain.

More on the subject
The Microbes Within Us – Ed Yong https://youtu.be/UOymDhGxS9Q


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