Despite What You’ve Been Told, Cows Can Save The World – Brian Sanders

Film maker Brian Sanders, the man behind the feature length documentary ‘Food Lies’ and host of the Peak Human podcast looks at the history of our dietary guidelines, the epidemic of chronic disease and obesity that followed, what the new science is telling us humans should actually be eating, and how to eat that food sustainably.

The following talk offers compelling reasons why correctly reared animals could offer a far better solution to climate change and how mono-cropping is destructive to both wildlife and the health of the soil. He also reveals that our current diet consisting of grains, seed oils and sugar has only been a staple food for just 0.1% of human history compared to millennia of eating mostly animal foods. With the rise of plant-based proteins in the form of soy products, Beyond and Impossible burgers he explains that compared to grass fed beef, the figures on greenhouse gas emissions just don’t stack up.


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