The Perfect Human Diet – A Two Million Year Old Fad

With The Perfect Human Diet 2 in the making we take a look back at film maker C.J Hunt’s 2013 documentary gem that goes in search of the true ancestral diet that many are embracing today. Some may say its a fad but, as they point out in the film, “If it’s a fad, then it’s a two million year old fad”.

C.J Hunt died at the age of 24. He suffered from a full cardiac arrest while jogging. Paramedics resuscitated him and he spent ten days in hospital. He was told that if he continued to exercise, he would be lucky to live for another two years. This experience inspired him to go back into education at the age of 53 to earn a degree in film making which led him to produce the world’s first Paleo documentary.

The Perfect Human Diet reached number one in the categories Documentary Film and Independent Film on both iTunes USA and iTunes Canada when it was released in 2013 and is available to view on Amazon Prime and YouTube. Together with its companion book, the movie introduces a system of optimal nutrition based on real and fascinating ground breaking science. In the documentary he discovers how nutrition has become religious and political and why public policy lags behind the latest science.

In the audio podcast below, he discusses the fundamentals of Paleo nutrition and why this two million-year-old ‘fad’ is making a comeback!

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