Dr David Unwin – Humility Personified

Dr. Unwin was about to retire as a GP, he was disheartened that despite following NHS guidelines and offering nothing but medication to his patients who were coming to him with diabetes and weight management issues and seeing hardly any results.

Then he stumbled upon low-carb nutrition through a chance encounter with a patient. As a result, he began to help more patients in his practice in the north of England. He has now been bestowed with the prestigious NHS Innovator of the Year award and was named one of the top ten most influential GP’s in the UK.

Dr. Unwin continues to dramatically improve his patients health through low-carb living and his story is an inspiration to physicians, patients and even politicians.

Dr. Unwin’s sugar infographics below help people understand the affect various foods may have on their blood sugar in terms of a teaspoon of sugar rather than the glycemic load.

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