The Ketogenic Diet “we got it wrong”

Dr Steven Gundry, author of The Plant Paradox is back with yet another book, this time claiming the ketogenic diet is not what we think it is and that ketones actually do what’s called mitochondrial uncoupling which teaches the bodies energy-producing organelles to ‘waste’ calories.

He goes on to reveal that his research has led him to believe that the keto diet, which most people now accept is a high fat/low carb diet, tells mitochondria to actually ‘waste’ energy suggesting extra (whole) food could be consumed and a more sustainable varied diet enjoyed.

He states that 60% of people who start a high fat/low carb or ketogenic diet quit after a month because they feel so awful and they don’t gain the extra energy experienced by others because the keto diet is constructed incorrectly.

He goes on to explain that there are many ways besides eating a totally high fat diet to uncouple mitochondria and thus ‘waste’ energy citing intermittent fasting or time restricted eating, avoiding foods containing lectins and using MCT oil to boost ketones as the way forward.

Although the author promotes the consumption of whole foods and advises against processed sugar he also believes that the low carb diet doesn’t work for everyone, with drawbacks ranging from meal monotony to carb confusion but it remains to be seen if these new findings complicate matters unnecessarily.

However, if this new approach encourages people to try again, it can only be a good thing but, maybe another more affordable approach to buying a book and associated supplements is to spend a little time discovering the plethora of ingenious recipes posted for free on the internet or if intermittent fasting is a more attractive approach, Dr Jason Fung has many lectures online covering the practice that have been up there for almost a decade.

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