UK Government Launches Bid to Add Vitamin D to Everyday Food and Drinks

Sajid Javid has ordered a review as Vitamin D levels in millions of adults and children are deemed to be too low.

Current advice is for the UK is to consider taking a 10 microgram (1000 iu) supplement daily between October and March. Mr Javid said: ‘Vitamin D is essential for bone and muscle health’. Approximately one in five children and about one in six adults in the UK have a vitamin D deficiency, according to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

Studies have also shown that certain groups have lower levels than average, such as the elderly and people from black and asian communities. The review into improving vitamin D levels will look into the options of supplements and fortified food and drinks. It will gather views from the public, public health experts, retailers, food manufacturers and other industry bodies.

There has been no mention of the effects of Vitamin D on the immune system from Mr Javid. The lecture below was published online in 2011

Government Open consultation Vitamin D: Call for Evidence
Published online 3 April 2022

You can submit your views to the Government at the link below

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