The Perfect Human Diet – What Should We Really Be Eating?


CJ Hunt’s long-awaited documentary In Search of the Perfect Human Diet has finally arrived on YouTube. I viewed this film over a year ago and several times since and found it to be an astounding insight into how archaeologists and anthropologists discover how humans evolved through diet.

The documentary chronicles the journey of the host in his quest to find an answer to the question, what is the perfect diet for humans based on our ancestral history?
Funded almost entirely by donations, this film-length result of much research tells the story of a fit 23-year old (CJ Hunt), doing all of the right things, who has a cardiac arrest while jogging due to a birth defect. He decides to commit to searching for the perfect diet to improve his chances of survival.

The documentary’s science is easy to understand and Hunt’s narration is comfortingly clear. Highlights include coverage of a dig site where Professor Michael Richards explains how his team has yet to find any evidence of a vegan in human’s past.
Professor Loren Cordain uses a football field to illustrate just how far we have come as a species, how long we were eating animals & wild plants and how shockingly-recent our diet has changed almost beyond recognition.

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet is an excellent introduction to how our ancestors ate and presents a compelling case for the evolutionary diet.

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