The Great Plant-Based Con – Why Eating a Plants-Only Diet Won’t Improve Your Health or Save the Planet


Plant-based is best for health, go vegan to help save the planet, eat less meat… Almost every day we are bombarded with the seemingly incontrovertible message that we must reduce our consumption of meat and dairy – or eliminate them from our diets altogether.


But what if the pervasive message that the plant-based diet will improve our health and save the planet is misleading – or even false? What if removing animal foods from our diet is a serious threat to human health, and a red herring in the fight against climate change.

In THE GREAT PLANT-BASED CON, Jayne Buxton demonstrates that each of these ‘what-ifs’ is, in fact, a reality. Drawing on the work of numerous health experts and researchers, she uncovers how the separate efforts of a constellation of individuals, companies and organisations are leading us down a dietary road that will have severe repercussions for our health and well-being, and for the future of the planet.

Diet expert Jayne Buxton has come under criticism from viewers of ITV’s This Morning for stating that plant based/vegan diets are ‘a con’ when she was interviewed about her book on the show on Tuesday 14th June 2022.

She discusses in her new book how diets that exclude animal foods can be damaging to health and that they are being erroneously marketed as quality healthy alternatives.
Recent criticism of the meat and dairy industries of their harm to the environment, including increasing carbon emissions and a diet comprising solely of plant-based foods and in particular, ultra-processed meat-free alternatives is not the answer.

The author claims that a solely plant-based diet can mean deficiencies in vitamins and minerals which is confirmed by The Vegan Society who states that supplements may be needed in a plant-based diet to ensure health. When researching her book, she states that “I am backed by an army of scientists who helped me research the book and are backing me now.” She goes on to cite how the planet faces a soil crisis with a loss of 84 per cent of topsoil which would be a catastrophe for food production. “If we cannot grow food, this will mean a loss of life”, she added.

Viewers of the show scrambled to give their opinion on social media…
“I take it this lady never watched the panorama program about dairy farming? Because she should”

“Why do we call cow’s milk ‘ordinary milk’? Why did we choose a cow out of all animals to give hormones to make them produce milk for us all the time to drink. It’s not natural. It’s weird. No wonder people are embarrassed to ask for it.”

“Who is this pro dairy pro meat quack on #thismorning desperate stuff!!!”

“I’m sick and tired of all the preaching of others telling other what they should eat. If I want meat, I’ll have some meat- Why because I enjoy it.”

“Finally someone on This Morning who speaks sense, I like her. What a brilliant interview”

More below – Belinda Fettke covers the influences behind the no-meat agenda with some eye-opening information about the history and people behind the worlds biggest cereal companies and their links to the church, hospitals and big pharma.

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