Hunter Gatherer Diets – A Useful Lens for Examining Diet Mythology


Arthur Haines has been helping people explore human ecology for over 20 years developing an awareness of nature, health, and self-reliance. Wild food is his passion according to his website

He believes that humans are at a critically important point in history, where conversion of the remaining wild lands to intensively managed landscapes and urban areas is diminishing the opportunity to live up to our full genetic capability.

In the following presentation for Paleofx he gives a fascinating insight into the diets of the few remaining hunter gatherers and how we can learn from our ancestors. He also highlights the glaringly obvious ways that processed food has affected the health of humans today.

Topics covered are:
Weston A Price
Seed Oils
Wild Game vs Current Livestock
Salt and its Importance
Diversity of Foods in the Diet, Past and Present
Cultivation and its Detrimental Effect on Plants

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