Low & Slow – The Return of the Slow Cooker


First gaining popularity in the 1970’s, slow cooking in these handy gadgets declined during the following affluent years and relegated to the back of the cupboard to gather dust. How times have changed, energy prices are soaring and we are all left to feel guilty for draining the planet of its resources whenever we turn on a light.
Now, welcome back to the slow cooker, not only are they energy efficient they are a great way to cook real food while retaining many of the nutrients, saving time and energy and being a perfect method of cooking hearty low carb meals especially as we head towards winter.
Well suited to wallet-friendly cuts of meat, a slow cooker can be a great kitchen money saver. Simmering at low temperatures over several hours, dishes benefit from the slow, gentle heat bringing out much richer flavours from the ingredients while retaining nutrients.
Slow cooking doesn’t destroy as many nutrients as roasting, frying or boiling and in many cases, nutrients will be retained in the cooking liquid and served with the meal. Slow cookers are also perfect for cheaper cuts of meat that are tougher or have a higher fat content, such as lamb neck, beef shin, oxtail and bones for broth.

One Reply to “Low & Slow – The Return of the Slow Cooker”

  1. I have recently returned to my slow cooker and finding it a god send, not only for the fact that meats are more tender and the flavour is retained, but the mere fact it can be left to cook for so many hours in the slow cooker without having to keep watch in a very warm kitchen especially during the heat waves we have been experiencing lately, making it too hot to cook anyway. Thanks for sharing this post and the video.


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