It was June 2017 and I had just received the results of my regular blood tests from my doctor, these were becoming more worrying every time. Despite years of regular exercise and a “healthy” diet, I had become fat and diabetic. My various doctors over the preceding six years had already prescribed oral medications and on that last visit to my doctor he said “Well we need to put you on an additional medication”.

When I arrived home clutching the latest addition to the arsenal, I sat down and read the enclosed leaflet which had a list of possible side effects ranging from a rash to bladder cancer! At that point I decided, no more! My doctors approach was just to keep sending me away with the usual advice “Loose some weight, get more exercise, stay away from sweets…oh and a low fat diet is the best policy, with plenty of wholegrain food to fill you up”.

AuthorSo I went online and did some research and there it was!, how a low carb diet can help with weight loss and control blood sugar. Well the rest is history (nearly five years) and I am back to the weight I was when I was at University and I am no longer on any medications for the diabetes, which my doctor reluctantly removed in case my blood sugars went too low. He was at a loss to explain the outcome and said “Well this is all looking good but I suggest you take a Statin (no way!) and you will probably need to start the drugs again when you stop this diet. Like I’m gonna stop? I love it!

I am sure you have heard stories such as these many times, the internet is full of them but for me it didn’t stop there. At 57 I had dodged the diabetic “bullet” and my lust for information on health and nutrition has become an obsession. I pour over lectures, books, documentaries, medical papers, articles and more to find nuggets of nutritional knowledge to enhance my road to real health.

So why write this blog? Well, my friends and family whom I have bombarded with the stuff I have learned, two of which have taken on board the low carb approach after witnessing my recovery and both are having remarkable results, kept saying “You should write a book” or “Start a blog”. Maybe to shut me up and give them a break.

So here it is. I hope you find it informative and inspirational and I would love to hear what you think. “Low Carb for Life” is for me, a happier, healthier approach to life itself not a restrictive unsustainable “diet”.

As Hippocrates is famed for saying

Let medicine be your food and let food be your medicine

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